My great appreciation to SJG fellow-guide Hiroko, who is a de facto editor of this blog, patiently reading all posts and sending corrections and creative suggestions.  Thank you, Hiroko- san! aleks, 4/6/13

This site is for documenting blooms, and sometimes interesting leaves, in Seattle Japanese Garden.  ‘SJG bloom’ blog is corresponding to ‘Plants of the Japanese Garden’ book (it lists most of the SJG plants + their location by area, and is available for loan or purchase at the SJG gate or on-line here: http://www.cityofseattle.net/Parks/parkspaces/JapaneseGarden/plant_booklet.pdf) and will be continuously updated… Click on any pic to enlarge it.

I started this blog for  2011 bloom season, then for 2012 again, but somewhere along the lines I realized that if I make a separate post for each plant, I would not have to start the blog from scratch each year.  Hence the page called ‘Alphabetical’ in the current (started 2012) edition:  it  lists all the featured plants in alphabetical order, with information on which post (date)  contains the plant.

Also, since 2012 edition I tried  to add extra information about each plant by quoting a source page and linking to the rest of the site (which will open in separate window).

This is a work in progress (sometimes regress)…  I’m posting on completely new to me platform, slowly learning to use it; for instance pic placement and text re-sizing are still puzzles to solve, so I’m mostly stuck with wordpress default mode.  aleks.

about me: i’m a guide in Seattle Japanese Garden since 2004, who before 2011 knew nothing about most of its plants (concentrated on ‘cultural’ aspects of the Garden).  then i joined SJG plant committee which undertook continuation of the work that Kathleen Smith did for many years: cataloguing the Garden’s plants.  it soon became obvious that this whole project was way over my head, and the bloom blog was actually a way to help myself out of the confusion and to prevent instant forgetting what i was looking at by taking pics of each identified plants (never ending task, as the plants change their place in the garden, get removed and added + we make mistakes, boohoo)… every addition is a continuation of my journey into the Garden’s plant world.

Link to SJG Bloom blog 2011.

Link to Seattle Japanese Garden Community Blog.


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  1. Fran says:

    How fast growing is this tree

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