Ilex crenata ‘Nummularia’ • Japanese Holly

Ilex crenata Japanese Holly イヌツゲ 犬黄楊 inu-tsuge

I cannot find much information about this particular Japanese holly, so can only describe the specimen in our Garden:  it grows along the E path in area F, almost on the end of a row of other, maintained low, Japanese holly and boxwood shrubs.  It’s the tallest of them all, maintained as a tree, about 8′ tall.  Like other crenatas, it has small, toothed leaves that grow in alternate pattern along the branches,  dark green in color and waxy.

While looking for information on ilex ‘nummularia’ I found that the Japanese common name for Ilex actually reflects the boxwood/holly confusion:  ‘inu-tsuge’ means false tsuge (tsuge = Buxus microphylla) – this info was on  Prof. Summer’s Web Garden, Japanese Treeflowers –  the website was last updated in November 2009, but it’s very informative and based in Japan – all the pictures were taken in Japanese botanical gardens (ilexes are on Aquifoliaceae sub-page).


SJG • 4/29/14 – Ilex crenata ‘Nummularia’ • Japanese Holly, area F (the center of the photo, you can see low growing boxwood to the left of ilex and shortcut-path diagonally on the right side of the picture)


SJG • 4/29/14 – Ilex crenata ‘Nummularia’ • Japanese Holly, area F – LEAVES: they are ‘toothed’ and alternatively growing.

USDA GRIN (Germplasm Resources Information Network) Taxonomy for Plants lists ilex ‘nummularia’ as synonym of Ilex crenata Thunb.

If you are really into studying Japanese Holly in depth, there is a book THE COIN-LEAVED JAPANESE HOLLIES: Ilex Crenata ‘Nummularia’ Franchet & Savatier, I. Crenata ‘Mariesii’ Veitch Ex Dallimore, and the New Allied Cultivar ‘Nakada’ by Theodore R & Eisenbeiss and Gene K Dudley; it was published by Holly Society of America Inc, Bel Air, MD, 1977, and  out of print now,  but you can probably find it in library or used.

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