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Camellia japonica • Camellia (pink in I)

Camellia • Camellia • ツバキ •  椿  •  tsubaki There are 6 camellias listed in area I: one c. oleifera and five c. japonica. Of the five japonicas two specific names are known (‘Hino Maru’ and ‘Prince Eugene Napoleon’) and … Continue reading

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Lindera obtusiloba • Japanese spicebush

Lindera  • Spicebush  • クロモジ  • 黒文字  • kuro-moji Lindera is already described on this blog, in a post from 3/26/12 containing 3 other plants;  this post is dedicated specifically to lindera. We have only one Lindera obtusiloba in our … Continue reading

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