Acer palmatum ‘Yatsubusa’ •  Japanese Dwarf Leaf Maple

Acer • Maple • カエデ • 楓 • kaede

[The text below was prepared by SJG Plant Committee for docent maple training in fall 2013. The Plant Committee is aware that we do not know what kind of acer palmatum it is – its name was not entered when the tree was planted; Corinne dug out that it might be one of many dwarf maples that have Yatsubusa as part of the cultivar name:
‘Beni yatsubusa’
‘Kashima yatsubusa’
‘Kiyohime yatsubusa’
Kotohime yatsubusa’
‘Mikawa yatsubusa’
‘Shishi yatsubusa’
‘Yatsubusa hikasa yama’
‘Yatsubusa keishima’
‘Yatsubusa sekka’
‘Yatsubusa tamahime’]

One in area C.

The Yatsubusa is a tight branching, rounded compact shaped tree. The leaves are small, compact, and tightly layered, with 5-7 lobes. The word “yatsubusa” means “small,” or “dwarf.” It is the smallest-leafed maple in our garden. The leaves turn orange-red in the fall.


SJG • 10/22/13 – yatsubusa in Area C


SJG • 10/22/13 – yatsubusa in Area C, LEAVES in fall

From Essence of the Tree:  ACER palmatum Mikawa yatsubusa

The very best of the upright dwarfs. In spring, each pale green leaf is layered one on top of another as they emerge. Very slow growing with sturdy upright structure. Glorious red fall color. Excellent as a focal point in a small garden on in a container for continuous seasonal changes. […]



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