Acer palmatum ‘Osakazuki Akame’

Acer • Maple • カエデ • 楓 • kaede

[The text below was prepared by SJG Plant Committee for docent maple training in fall 2013]

One is located in area E, one in area X, and one in area Y. The growth is upright and round-topped, 20’ tall and very broadly spreading to 30 feet wide.

The leaves are 7-lobed, firm-textured, toothed, and broad with a narrow tip. They are a rich green in spring & summer. The base of the leaf forms a cup-like shape, and the meaning of osakazuki is “saki-cup-like-leaf.” The meaning of Akame is “red shoots.”

This is a recent introduction from New Zealand, closely related to the very old Japanese cultivar ‘Osakazuki,’ which has been listed in Japan since the mid-1800’s. The main differences are ‘Osakazuki Akame’ has a smaller leaf, and the growth habit is broader than tall when fully grown.

The fall color is an intense crimson, almost like the color of the Burning Bush, Euonymus alata.


SJG • 10/22/13 – Acer palmatum ‘Osakazuki Akame’, Area E, seen from the first shortcut between East path and water


SJG • 10/22/13 – Acer palmatum ‘Osakazuki Akame’, Area E, fall crimson LEAVES

From Iseli Nursery (click the link for spring picture of leaves): Broader growing than the standard ‘Osakazuki’, this selection shares the same sturdy stature and amazing fall color of the standard. Leaves are olive-orange in spring and change to green as they mature.

From Connon Nurseries, (Ontario, Canada): Osakazuki Japanese Maple Growing and Maintenance Tips:
Osakazuki Akame Japanese Maple is tolerant of many soil types but prefers moist, well-drained in full sun. It can be grown as a specimen tree or multistem. Any pruning should be done in summer. Mulch well, but avoid heaping mulch against the stem.

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