Rhododendron ‘Garda Joy’ • Azalea

Rhododendron / Azalea  •  シャクナゲ / ツツジ  •  石楠花 / 躑躅   •  shakunage / tsutsuji

Our Plant booklet lists one in area O, one in area P and two in area H; this post features the two in area H. Their location is specified as ‘next to Pinus nigra’, but if you do not know what Pinus nigra is, just look for the two kept roundish and small at  about 2′ high  azaleas,  while strolling N  along the E path, just before the path containing 2 bridges that span the pond – Dobashi (earthen bridge) and Yatsuhashi (zig-zag plank bridge).  

‘Garda Joy’ are about the last 2 bushes in that area, along the E path; they bloom the end of May, much later that many of our other azaleas. For some reason (sun exposure? soil condition?) one of them is about  a week ahead in bloom than the other – I noticed that all 3 years of looking at them: the more northern one will have all the flowers open, while the southern one is still in buds…


SJG • 5/29/13 – Rhododendron ‘Garda Joy’ • Azalea; corolla red, next to Pinus nigra, Area H


SJG • 5/29/13 – Rhododendron ‘Garda Joy’ • Azalea; corolla red, next to Pinus nigra, Area H; FLOWERS, buds and leaves

From Hirsutum:   Azalea ‘Garda Joy’

Hybridizer Gable, J.B. | Stewartstown, Pennsylvania | USA, 1968 (see more plants of this hybridizer)
Azalea-group unknown
Foliage winter evergreen
Height in 10 years 60 cm. (2ft.)
Bloom time late midseason
Flower unknown
Leaves oblanceolate […]

From Backyardgardener.com: Rhododendron kaempferi (Garda Joy Kaempferi Hybrid Azalea )

Spreading, cold hardy, semi-evergreen shrub. Leaves are glossy, lance-shaped to ovate, 1 1/2 to 2 inches long. Flowers are borne in showy trusses of 2 to 4 per cluster. Bloom time is midspring to early summer. Foliage turns beautiful red hues in fall and winter. Plant as you would any of the other azaleas: high and in well-drained, acid soil, rich with organic matter.

Important Info: Rhododendron kaempferi was formerly listed as R. obtusume var. kaempferi. Though azaleas have a potentially large list of possible pest and disease problems, they are usually trouble free if planted correctly in proper cultural conditions. […]

Bellevue Botanical Garden has it listed, too, as: Rhododendron ‘Garda Joy’

[…] Flower Color – Orange. Salmon coral.
Flower Shape and Structure – Notes. Showy trusses of 2 – 4 double flowers.
Flower Size – 1-3 inches
Bloom Time – May, June […]


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