Rhododendron ‘Arnoldiana Lavender’ • Azalea, in B area

Rhododendron Rhododendron / Azalea  •  シャクナゲ / ツツジ  •  石楠花 / 躑躅    shakunage / tsutsuji

We have many ‘Arnoldiana’ azaleas throughout the garden, listed growing in areas G, L, P, S. They provide lots of May cheer. almost too much of it, especially the red ones on top of the rock wall in the N of the Garden – you are almost blinded looking at the long bright red horizontal stretch of them as soon as you can spot them walking along the  E or W path.  Several more red ‘Arnoldianas’ are tastefully paired with other plants around the garden, mostly in the N part of the Garden – they are all well established and grounded there since forever.

A few years ago 7 new, lavender colored ‘Arnoldianas’ were planted right past the entrance of the Garden, in B area.  This year they are blooming delicately and beautifully, low to the ground, between the big (9′) fragrant rhododendron fortunei hybrid and our old, prized acer palmatum var. dissectum (lace leaf maple) in Area B.


SJG • 5/10/13 – Rhododendron ‘Arnoldiana Lavender’ • Azalea. You can see big buds of Rh. fortunei hybrid in the L of the pic and reddish-brown leaves of the Lace Leaf Maple to the R top corner of the pic. ‘Corolla violet’ of rhododendron ‘Arnoldiana’ takes the rest of the pic here, in Area B.


SJG • 5/10/13 – Rhododendron ‘Arnoldiana Lavender’ • Azalea. FLOWER and leaves

Considering the number of ‘Arnoldiana’ azaleas in SJG I thought finding some info on them will be super easy…  Well, no such luck: nothing on first and second pages of google under that name, and zero return the from American Rhododendron Society.

Just about when I was ready to give up and put it on my ‘search during the next long winter’ list this came up in cross-referencing from Journal American Rhododendron Society – NOTES ON RHODODENDRONS IN INDIANAPOLIS: […] Next in hardiness comes the kaempferi hybrid ‘Arnoldiana’ (the result of crossing kaempferi and ‘Amoena’) in its four varieties: ‘Briarcliff’, ‘Early Dawn’, ‘Mello-glo’ and ‘Mossieana’. I have a hedge of these. Provided there is sufficient sunshine, they bud well and the slightly varying pastel shades of the four varieties create a color-rhythm which I have never seen duplicated in a flower garden. […]

Aha, so they are kaempferi hybrids crossed with something else – my head hurts…. More on the topic when i recover…

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