Camellia japonica Prince Eugene Napoleon

Camellia japonica Prince Eugene Napoleon lives in the area I of SJG, right along the E path.  It is well visible from the path,  and you can see its flowers quite up-close when in bloom. Our Plant booklet description reads: ‘double flower, red’.


SJG • 4/1/13 – Camellia japonica Prince Eugene Napoleon; along the E path in area I


SJG • 4/1/13 – Camellia japonica Prince Eugene Napoleon; along the E path in area I; FLOWERS, as described in the Plant booklet: ‘double flower, red’..;

From Backyard Gardener  about the ‘Prince Eugene Napoleon’:  Upright shrub with large, formal double, cherry-red blooms. Evergreen with glossy foliage. […]

From Camellias-R-us:  The epitome of camellias the world over, japonicas represent everything that is wonderful of the genus – beautiful flowers, attractive foliage and a pleasing habit. It’s no coincidence that japonicas are the most popular of the camellia species, they represent the widest range in flower form, colour and size and make excellent aesthetic specimens. […]
If you click Camellias-R-us link you will find 120+ photos/names of different japonicas…

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