Liriope muscari • Big blue lilyturf

Liriope  • Lilyturf  • ヤブラン  • 藪蘭  •  yabu-ran

We have clumps of liriope in semi-shady parts of Area E, close to the stepping stones; it looks like flowering mondo grass, although it’s NOT a grass; our plant book states that it ‘bears purple fruit’, but the plant has flowers in summer (ours are dark blue), before fruit that comes later and darker (see info below.)

You probably noticed than in the last few posts the discrepancy between the post date and a picture in the post is about 7-8 months; it’s because I’m posting photos from last fall that never got a write-up and now, that the new blooming season is upon us I’m trying to bring them all up to date.   One or two more posts should conclude all the flowers that my camera captured  last fall, and on to spring!


SJG • 9/17/12 – Liriope muscari • Big blue lilyturf, clumps in Area E


SJG • 9/17/12 – Liriope muscari • Big blue lilyturf; FLOWER Area E

From  Liriope muscari ‘Royal Purple’ – liriope, border grass, lily-turf

Liriope, also commonly called border grass is not actually a grass but a member of the lily family, a fact that inspires another of its common names, lilyturf. The dark green, ribbonlike foliage grows in length from 10 to 18 in (25-46 cm) and then recurves toward the ground to form rounded clumps. As the clumps mature they merge into a continuous carpet that resembles a plot of shaggy lawn grass. In summer, spikes of showy purple, flowers rise from the center of clumps. Flowers are followed by pea-sized black or white berries in autumn. Liriope spreads quite fast in reasonable soil, creating a substantial tuberous root mass.

Location: Liriope is a native of the shady forest floors of Eastern Asia including regions in China, Taiwan and Japan. […]

Here is an interesting webpage called liriopemuscari (species name!) that ‘[…] explains the differences between the similar (and often confused) Liriope muscari (Border Grass), Liriope spicata (Lilyturf) and Ophiopogon (Mondo Grass). The common name Monkey Grass is used to refer to both Liriope muscari and Ophiopogon’.  
If you go there, they have more on other confusing plants: like vinca, ivy, mondo grass, winter creepers, varieties of Asiatic Jasmine, etc.

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  1. I like its flowers.

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