Rhododendron indicum ‘Macrantha’ • Azalea

Rhododendron •  Rhododendron / Azalea シャクナゲ / ツツジ  •  石楠花 / 躑躅  • shakunage / tsutsuji

There is 12 of them grouped and kept low around the bench and lantern in area M, and some more in areas E and N – one of the later flowering rhodies in SJG.   They are written in the plant-book as ‘corolla dark pink’, but in real life and from afar they look a bit on a salmony edge of the pink, perhaps because of contrast to green leaves?


SJG • 6/20/12 – Rhododendron indicum ‘Macrantha’ • Azalea; Area M


SJG • 6/20/12 – Rhododendron indicum ‘Macrantha’ • Azalea; FLOWER – corolla dark pink; Area M

From Backyard Gardener:  […] This cultivar is a clone of R. indicum and was brought to France from Japan in 1877. R. indicum is a dense evergreen azalea native to Japan, with lanceolate to oblanceolate leaves. Flowers are borne late in the season, either solitary or in pairs. Although young plants may be tender, they acquire hardiness equal to that of the Kurumes with age. Foliage turns reddish in winter. […]

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