Nymphaea • Water Lily

Nymphaea • Water Lily • スイレン •  睡蓮  • suiren

SJG has no lotus – a flower known for its beauty and sense of peace, because our climate is not warm enough, I’m told.  But we have beautiful water lilies that grace the pond spring through fall…


SJG • 7/8/12 – Nymphaea • Water Lily, floating on the pond
(Japanese irises at the pond’s edge); pic by Tony


SJG • 7/8/12 – Nymphaea • Water Lily, floating on the pond – white..; pic by Tony


SJG • 7/8/12 – Nymphaea • Water Lily, floating on the pond – pink; pic by Tony

From wikipediaNymphaea  (water lily) is a genus of hardy and tender aquatic plants in the family Nymphaeaceae. There are about 50 species in the genus, which has a cosmopolitan distribution.

[…]  Nymphaea (Egyptian lotus) is not related to the Chinese and Indian lotus of genus Nelumbo. But it is closely related to Nuphar, another genus commonly called “lotus”. In Nymphaea, the flower petals are much larger than the sepals, whereas in Nuphar the petals are much smaller than its sepals. The fruit maturation also differs, with Nymphaea fruit sinking below the water level immediately after the flower closes, whereas Nuphar fruit are held above water level to maturity. […]

If you go to the above wikipedia page you will see a pic of Nymphaea in Japan, which looks exactly like ours on the pond – which tells me that our water lilies were carefully chosen by gardeners to be culturally related – unfortunately I know nothing about water lilies to follow up with, but perhaps some day I will find out and share here.

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