Spirea japonica ‘Alpina’ • Alpine Spirea

Spiraea • Spirea •  シモツケ • 下野 • shimotsuke


SJG • 6/20/12 – Spirea japonica ‘Alpina’ • Alpine Spirea, Area M


SJG • 6/20/12 – Spirea japonica ‘Alpina’ • Alpine Spirea, Area M, flower pink

From Plant Finder by Sunset:  […] SPIRAEA • There are two distinct kinds of spireas: the bridal wreath type, with clusters of white flowers cascading down arching branches in spring or early summer; and the shrubby type, with pink, red, or white flowers clustered at branch ends in summer to fall. Blossoms on both types are usually single.
Spiraea japonica
Native to Japan, China. Upright, shrubby spirea to 4–6 ft. tall and wide, with flat, 8-in.-wide clusters of pink flowers carried above oval, sharply toothed green leaves. Best known through its selections, which are typically lower than the species and bloom between summer and fall.
To 2 ft. tall, 5 ft. wide. Pink flowers. Good red fall foliage in some years.

From Boone County Arboretum:
Common Name: Alpine Japanese Spirea […] 
Native Habitat: Of garden origin, documented in 1879 Japan. Sometimes listed as ‘Alpina’ or ‘Nana’, and is probably same as ‘Nyewoods’
Other Features: Cascades over walls and can be used as ground cover. Showy flowers contrast well with small bluish-green finely textured leaves. Retains old seed heads and can look ragged in late summer. Drought tolerant.

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