Rhododendron ‘Jindai’ • Azalea

Rhododendron • Rhododendron / Azalea •  シャクナゲ / ツツジ •  石楠花 / 躑躅 • shakunage / tsutsuji


SJG • 6/20/12 – Along the W side of the East path, Area H, sit 3 low-growing azaleas: rhodeodendron ‘Gunrei’ (1st walking toward N), ‘Jindai’ (2nd)’and ‘T.J. Lovett’ (3rd)


SJG • 6/20/12 – Rhododendron ‘Jindai’ • Azalea: flower: corolla white and some pink


SJG • 6/20/12 – Rhododendron ‘Jindai’ • Azalea: flower: corolla white and some pink

From Backyard Gardener:  Rhododendron hybrida • (Jindai Satsuki Azalea)

Compact, low-growing, evergreen shrub that is twiggy and dense with a spreading to rounded form. Leaves are lance-shaped to elliptic and notably smaller, 1/2 to 2 inches long, than other azalea hybrids making it the wonderful bonzai plant that it was originally bred to be. Showy, funnel-shaped, white to light pink flowers with purplish-pink markings, 4 to 4 1/2 inches wide. Flowers are borne from May to June. Prune immediately after flowering so you won’t cut off any of next year’s flower buds. […] This Japanese azalea is a hybridization between Rhododendron indicum and Rhododendron simsii. […]

From Hirsutum.info(community based database:  • Azalea ‘Jindai’

Hybridizer  – Chugai Nursery Co. | Kobe-city, Hyogo | Japan, 1938 
Azalea-group – Satsuki
Foliage winter – evergreen
Height in 10 years – ?
Bloom time – unknown
Flower – unknown
Leaves – unknown

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