Rhododendron hybrid ‘Cynthia’ • Rhododendron

Rhododendron • シャクナゲ • 石楠花 • shakunage

It lives by the kasuga style lantern in NE corner of the Garden (they look well together, especially when the rhodie is in bloom), by the E fence, in Area M.  Our Plant Book only recognizes it as ‘hybrid’ which is the case for most western bread rhodies in our Garden (most hybrids of Japanese specimens are named in more detailed way).  I discovered its name last year when I put the image through the internet search tool – this showy rhodie is super-popular  all around Seattle, as a matter of fact there is one right on the back of the place where I live…


SJG • 5/24/12 – Rhododendron hybrid ‘Cynthia’ • Rhododendron, Area M, by the E fence


SJG • 5/24/12 – Rhododendron hybrid ‘Cynthia’ • Rhododendron, Area M, by the E fence – flower

This is from Learn2GrowRhododendron ‘Cynthia'( Standish & Noble Hybrid) […]  Introduced in the mid-nineteenth century, this Standish & Noble Hybrid is still one of the best rhododendrons for background and screening purposes. Showy conical trusses of deep rose-pink flowers appear in mid-spring. The funnel-shaped blooms have a dark red blotch. This large rounded evergreen shrub has long elliptic medium-green leaves.

Developed in the 1840s and 1850s by John Standish and Charles Noble at the renowned Sunningdale Nursery in Devon, England, Standish & Noble hybrids figure prominently in the development of the modern garden rhododendron, and are still valued for their toughness and beauty.

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