Rhododendron ‘Bouquet Rose’ • Azalea (Kurume hybrid)

Rhododendron  • Rhododendron / Azalea •  シャクナゲ / ツツジ  • 石楠花 / 躑躅  • shakunage / tsutsuji

Like rhododendron ‘Silvester’, the ‘Bouquet Rose’ also turned out to be Japanese Kurume hybrid (see link and write-up below); I have a new appreciation for planners of our Garden: they certainly planted many beloved in Pacific Northwest rhodies, but they took care to include many Japanese varieties.  7 coral pink rhododendrons ‘Bouquet Rose grace the E path in Area L, right past the East gate.


SJG • 5/6/12 – Rhododendron ‘Bouquet Rose’, Azalea (Kurume hybrid); 7 of them along the E path, Area L


SJG • 5/6/12 – Rhododendron ‘Bouquet Rose’, Azalea (Kurume hybrid) – FLOWER: corolla pink with red stamens, dimorphic leaves

This is from Azalea Society of America on Kurume hybridsKurume azaleas were originally found in the mountains of Japan as early as 300 years ago. As many as 700 different Kurume hybrids have been made since then, of which around 200 are known today. Some of them were imported into the United States beginning in 1915, again in 1917-1918, and again in 1929. More recently a group of 50 more varieties of Kurume hybrids were brought in by the U.S. National Arboretum and released to the public in 1983.  Shown here by permission of their author, Dr. Satoshi Yamaguchi, this diagram and most of the Kurume images in the alphabetic galleries are from his Virtual Azalea website. […] Kurume azaleas tend to grow as upright medium height shrubs, with numerous small flowers in a full range of colors, blooming early to early midseason. […]   !  If you follow the link to Dr. Yamagushi’s Virtual Azalea website above, you will be for a treat: scroll down half a page and click on ‘Kurume Azalea’.

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