Camellia japonica ‘Takayama’

Edited 4/7/18 – new pics added

Camellia  •  Camellia   •  ツバキ  •   椿   •  tsubaki

It is well visible from the french door of Tateuchi Community Room,  sits to the left of rhododendron concinnum (smallish purple flower when in bloom in spring);  also well visible from the service road on the west of the Garden. Camellia japonica ‘Takayama’ has bright red, single flowers with golden stamens, blooms in spring (April this year).


SJG • 4/24/12 – Camellia japonica ‘Takayama’, Area B


SJG • 3/28/18 – Camellia japonica ‘Takayama’, Area B, against new bamboo fence


SJG • 3/28/18 – Camellia japonica ‘Takayama’, Area B, FLOWER

I found very little reference on this type of camellia on the internet, except for Martha Stewart’s website ‘Camellias 101, where she lists ‘Takayama’ among featured non-hardy camellias;  if you can brave 10 seconds chocolate commercial the site has a video-clip of Martha Stewart and horticulturalist Vinnie Simeone discussing different camellias and their growing conditions, and Takayama is one of the first shown (look for WATCH THE VIDEO on the site’s margin). I learned from it that we are very lucky in Seattle to grow this camellia outdoors – the eastern and cooler parts of  US have to contend themselves with growing it in heated greenhouses.

From Marta Stewart’s website, on general conditions of growing non-hardy camellias:  Nonhardy or tender camellias are historically known to be zone 7 to 9 plants growing outdoors in the southeastern and western United States. They have also been grown traditionally in heated greenhouses in the colder northern climates. The Camellia Greenhouse at Planting Fields is maintained at about 45 degrees to replicate the growing conditions in the mountains of Asia. They thrive in moist, well-drained, acidic soil with high organic content. […]

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