Two unidentified (yet) rhodies in Area D – 4/27: all identified now as HYBRIDS

Rhododendron • シャクナゲ • 石楠花 • shakunage


SJG ¶ 4/17/12 – Rhododendron HYBRIDS –  pink and pale pink- Area D



4/27/12: No longer unidentified –   the row of  showy rhodies in Area C turned out to be hybrids of Western parentage, with unknown common names. Most (not all) Japanese rhododendrons tend to be smaller and not as showy as the Western ones; apparently, Kathleen Smith, who started the plant book of SJG in 1980s didn’t care much about the hybrids – she listed the names of all Japanese rhododendrons, but left the hybrids as just as  that:  ‘hybrids’ + no names (some of them DO have names, like ‘Cynthia’ – a very showy huge pink  rhodie by the katsuga lantern in Area M).   The photo below shows the row of all the showy hybrids in Area C (there are some named rhodies in that area, like swamp azalea, korean rhododendron and three leaf azalea, but they are all closer to the entrance gate, and each sitting separately, not in a clump like this):

A row of showy, spring-booming HYBRID rhododendrons – closer to the north end of area C

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