Camellia japonica ‘Purity’

Edited 5/3/14 (removed info on anemone nemorosa, and created separate post for it)

Japanese genus name for camellia:

Camellia Camellia ツバキ 椿 tsubaki

We have just one in our Garden, standing above skimmias in Area D; this year it started blooming early April.

SJG • 4/10/2012 – Camellia japonica ‘Purity’, growing above skimmers in Area D

SJG • 4/10/12 – Camellia japonica ‘Purity’, flower

Here on the web of the rare plants nursery in Eugene, Oregon, I found its japanese name: ‘Shiragiku’ (scroll down below pictures)

And here a longer description from the Backyard Gardener: ‘Purity’ bears rose-form, double flowers in shimmery white. Slow growing, upright to spreading shrub or small tree with age. Oval, glossy, leaves and profuse winter to spring blooming flowers in milder climates. […]


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